Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA)

Closing date: Friday 19th February 5pm

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We currently have a vacancy for a Compliance Officer for Finance and Admin (COFA).


The role of a COFA plays a key role in overseeing the outcome-focussed regulation of services and is key to ALS being able to take responsibility for managing risks to their delivery of legal services.


The COFA should be a champion of risk management and compliance within the company, and will have responsibility for the company’s systems and controls. The role is responsible for ensuring processes are in place to enable ALS, its managers and employees and, anyone who has any interest in the company, to comply with the requirements on them.


The COFA also has a key role in ensuring that suitable systems and controls are in place, in recording breaches, and in reporting material breaches to the SRA.


Overall Responsibility


Ensure that systems and controls are in place to enable ALS, its manager and employees to comply with their obligations under the SRA Accounts Rules 2019 (SRA AR 2019).


Responsibilities and Tasks


1. Promote a culture of regulatory compliance within ALS @ SP.


2. Take all reasonable steps to ensure that ALS @ SP, its managers and employees comply with their obligations under the SRA Accounts Rules 2019 (SRA AR 2019).


3. In consultation with the ALS compliance office for legal practice (COLP), devise and implement an internal compliance failure reporting process, to include anonymous reporting of compliance failures.


4. Maintain a central register of compliance failures in a form that allows the COFA and ALS @ SP staff to:

  • monitor overall compliance with obligations,

  • assess the effectiveness of the company’s systems,

  • identify at an early stage compliance failures that are material either in their own right or because they form a pattern, taking into account;

    • The detriment, or risk of detriment, to clients

    • The extent of any risk of loss of confidence in the firm or in the provision of legal services

    • The scale of the issue

    • The overall impact on the company, its clients and third parties

    • Any financial risks

    • Any other relevant factors


5. Ensure compliance failure register is made available to the SRA on request.


6. Review the compliance failure register quarterly to establish whether any action is required:

  • On existing compliance failures

  • To prevent or minimise the risk of further compliance failures.


7. Report all compliance failures that are material (either individually or as part of a pattern) as soon as reasonably practicable to:

  • The SRA

  • The ALS @ SP Board


8. Report non-material compliance failures to the SRA on an annual basis or such other period as specified by the SRA in the prescribed from and by the date prescribed by the SRA.


9. Establish proper policies and processes in relation to compliance with the SRA AR 2019.


10. Keep abreast of any regulatory or other compliance changes that may affect ALS and as necessary:

  • Amend existing compliance policies and processes

  • Devise and implement new compliance policies and procedures.


11. Ensure staff are trained on any relevant arrangements and policies and their duty to internally report compliance failures to the COFA.


12. Liaise, as required, with the company’s COLP to ensure appropriate sharing of information and consistency of approach.


13. Provide a compliance report every quarter for the ALS @ SP Board, to include:

  • The status of the firm’s compliance arrangements

  • A summary of internal and external compliance failures reported over the period

  • Any recommended compliance activities (e.g. to amend a particular policy in response to a regulatory change)


14. For the avoidance of doubt, any reference in this role profile to ‘compliance’, ‘compliance register’, ‘compliance policies’ or ‘compliance failure’ shall be construed to relate solely to SRA AR 2019.


Requirements of the role


Qualifications, Experience and Skills

  • A financial background with substantial experience, ideally at a managerial level, and relevant qualification

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • In depth knowledge of COFA requirements, SRA practices

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Good time management and organisational skills

  • Analytical thinker



Hours: Approximately 1.5 to 2 days per quarter for audits and reports. Reports to be produced for bi-monthly ALS Board Meetings. On occasion, there may be a need to attend a Board Meeting with prior notice.


Salary: £200-£250 per day